I had suffered from obesity that exhausted me physically and psychologically. I tried several diets, but they did not last. They all definitely failed. I also bragged and tried to convince myself that I was satisfied with my body and shape.

At that time, a diet for me was to deprive myself from eating. But I lately discovered that I deprived myself from the most beautiful thing in life, health. The strange thing is that I did not know my real weight! But I saw how I was gaining weight day by day.

Ten months ago was the turning point when I bought a dress. Whenever I liked something, I cannot find the right size. I sorrowfully wished to be thin.

The great shock was when a photo was taken for me and I saw myself, I was totally disappointed; as if it was the first time I saw myself. I couldn’t sleep that night out of sorrow and depression. The following day I decided to get a scale to know my exact weight. There came the biggest shock when I found out that I weighed 105 kilos!

To my shock, I directly decided changing myself.

I put my trust in God and I started to read and search. I was convinced that losing weight was a basic part of my new lifestyle and not a temporary diet. When I visited the BSC, they convinced me that it was necessary to undergo a sleeve surgery. After a while, I started dreaming of my new shape, new life and new future.

After the surgery, all thanks to God and then to the BSC team, I stayed away from all types of fatty foods and anything that harmed her health and fitness. I ate healthy foods and followed all the standards set by the BSC dietitian and the medical crew who care for the patient before and after the surgery.

At first, I walked 15 to 30 minutes, but I used to feel pain in my leg. Despite this, I was so happy because I believed that I am on my way to fitness. Then I increased my walking pace to half an hour daily. I felt tired on the first week and I thought that my new lifestyle was a bit weird. This changed quickly. I lost 7 kilos on my first week. I was very happy and excited, and I forgot all my fatigue. My loss of kilos was a bit slow until I reached 70 kilos in 10 months.


At first, my goal was to reach 90 kilos, but today I am planning to reach 60 kilos and I said to myself that it was a blessing to reach this in a few months’ time.

My patience, stability and the strong will were the secret.

I cannot express how can I thank the BSC Team first and then my mother who always supported me. My mother and my father were a great support along with me, siblings and relatives.

Thanks to God and thanks to them all because their support made me what I am today.

Great thanks for them to stand by me during my suffering and taking part in fulfilling my successful dream.

Deep thanks for every person who supported me even in his words.