Alya Safieddine (Dietitian)



June 2011 : Graduated from the American University Of Beirut,Lebanon

Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics

Courses taken: Therapeutic nutrition , community nutrition, foodservice

From 9/1994-6/2008: Lebanon school of Kano, Nigeria
    Completed 12th grade in Lebanon school , Kano
⦁    Acquired O level Cambridge certificates in eight different subjects (Cambridge university
⦁    Acquired Advanced level Cambridge exams in Biology , Chemistry, Economics and advanced Mathematics


From 6/2013 –Present             Bariatric surgery clinic/ Body Slimming Center(BSC)

Position held: Head Dietitian  
⦁    In charge of both managerial and clinical departments  



From 11/2012-2/2013            Phoenicia intercontinental Hotel
Position held: internship
⦁    Assistant to the food service coordinator

From 5/2012-7/2012             Al-Zahraa university hospital             Beirut ,Lebanon

Position held: volunteer
⦁    Volunteer work as an assistant dietitian at the dietary department of Al-Zahraa hospital
⦁    Colloquium in progress

From 11/2011-4/2012            Al-Zahraa university hospital             Beirut, Lebanon
    Position held: Trainee
⦁     Holder of a Hospital dietitian training certificate from Al-Zahraa University hospital
⦁    Acquired a HACCP( hazard analysis critical control point) implementation ,advanced module Certificate done by   the UNIDO
⦁    Participated in a community project concerning childhood obesity in several Lebanese private schools
⦁    Participated in several presentations about colon cancer, vitamin D, hospital diets .. given to nurses and residents

From 7/2009-8/2009            Jabal-Amel Hospital, Tyre             Tyre-Lebanon

Position held: trainee
⦁    Completed a one month internship in Clinical nutrition at Jabal-Amel hospital

From 12/2010-1/2011            Lebanon school of Kano             Kano, Nigeria

    Position held: volunteer work
⦁    Visited various African villages in collaboration with the Lebanon school of kano and the WHO  and gave education about proper eating habits,  importance of  sanitation and hygiene  and prevention of  several food related problems like malnutrition , kwashiorkor , osteoporosis etc..
⦁    Assisted the school in several projects  on Africans eating habits and malnutrition in African children.

From 9/2008-6/2011            American University Of Beirut             Beirut, Lebanon

⦁    Member of the nutrition society at the faculty of agriculture and food science
⦁    Engaged in several events concerning the nutrition department


⦁    A Study of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Intensions Related to Breastfeeding in a Sample of Lebanese Undergraduate Women.
⦁     Attended a conference concerning the new food guidelines by Doctor Nahla Hwala in association with the dietary department of AUB .
⦁    Attended a conference program on the “ Dietary management of metabolic syndrome” in collaboration with the Lebanese academy for nutrition and the Nutrition and food science department of AUB and the department of clinical nutrition ,AUBMC

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