Aya Khatib (Dietitian)


WORK EXPERIENCE :             

- June 2013 - Present:

BSC (Bariatric Surgery Clinic/Body Slimming Centre)

Clinical dietitian:  Give patients special diets that should be followed at home - Provide consultancy for pre and post bariatric surgery patients


- January to july 2012:         

Mount Lebanon Hospital , Accomplished the following rotations: Food service -  ncology and Psychiatry- Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Renal diseases, Maternity and pediatrics - Provided consultancy for patients with diabetes and renal failure in a private clinic - Conducted weekly meetings for cases discussion and analysis.  

Member of the Nutrition Society:

 - Engaged in several events and activities concerning the nutrition department.   

- Conducted a study on the awareness of the importance of folic acid in a sample of childbearing age women.



 2012                   colloquium                                 Licensed dietitian from the Lebanese ministry of Health  

 2008- 2011          American University of Beirut      BS in Nutrition and Dietetics  


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