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Loose skin is a common problem in individuals who have shed a considerable amount of weight especially if the weight loss has been achieved in a short span of time. Loose skin hanging around from different places in your body such as from under the arms or around the stomach can be very embarrassing. Let us discuss the different reasons that lead to loose skin, and the various ways to tighten loose skin after weight loss and fat loss. This article from


 BSC, which introduces the causes of loose skin and degrees and the facilities provided by the Center and programs give you the strength of the tightrope and Shapely.


Why is weakness?loose1
Many of the women suffer from the problem of skin flaccidity, especially after its loss excess weight Women's trustworthiness attractiveness and her body and this is due to the skin, which consists of many layers of thinner and when that happens a decrease in weight, in turn, lead to change the shape of the body, it is not before time skin to adapt to the new body weight, and reduced muscles also because of loss of grease adjoins a vacuum under the skin, this vacuum grows, causing loose skin.

The reasons for the weakness:
- Rapid Dieting: Descending weight rapidly of the most important causes of weakness.
- Pregnancy
- not to practice sport after weight loss.
- Lack of commitment to the sessions of the pealing skin tightening


when confronted with the problem, you must go to the appropriate experts to determine the degree of slack it appropriate to give you processors, including:

First: - a well-thought-through food program report examined the body components Tanitta: which helps to lose weight gradually rather than suddenly and get the skin on.


The second: - must be a sports program fitness program to pull the skin by organs of the cardio and strength under the supervision of trained specialists, who help to build thick layer below the skin-desired to give to the appearance.


Thirdly: the obligation to tighten the sessions with the beginning of the Diet to prevent the emergence of pealing, through the program of shaping, which includes:
a) system by  French technology - endermologie, which help to re-activate cells collagene and elastine responsible for skin tightening and granting the desired form human.


b) In addition to the device - ultratone, which depend on electronic alerts to pull the skin.



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