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The skin is the outer cover of body and is the largest and heaviest members of human protects the body from diseases, as well as to the protection of the members of the body are all.and is exposed to external factors and age, which gives a manifestation of human is undesirable and is exposed to many factors of transformational loose skin and cellulite ... We will learn in this article on these changes, and the means of treatment !!


The skin is more than just a cover body beautiful. It is a barrier palpitations preventive measure against microbes and toxic substances,regulate body temperature. Immune Cells resistant to infection. Discover nerve cells accurate pressure and heat, other skin cells produce vitamin D.Together1

Layers of skin:

The skin is composed of several layers:

First: the outer layer

skin, the words of the outer layer of skin layers, the physicist protective barrier, thin, very thick, such as the thickness of a piece of paper. and of their characteristics:

A - the highest part of the skin known as the stratum corneum, which consists of Cells called keratinocytes, which produces a protein called solid Keratin, forming a shield externally flexible.

B - epidermal layer plays a key role in protecting the body from radiation Sun. Specifically, there are pigment cells called melanocytes when The bottom of the crust.

Second: middle class (cortex )
The middle layer of the skin layers called the crust, and is located under the skin Directly. A thicker layer containing collagen. Vascular In the cortex, which expand or contract to keep the body temperature.
And elastin fibers composed of a protein in the crust gives skin its elasticity.

Third: the deep layer
Tissue found under the skin, which consists of connective tissue and fat, is located between and below the crust of the muscles and bones. It also contains blood vessels ,The white blood cells resistant to infection, but not by the same amount in the The crust.Together3

Types of skin:

0.1 Dry skin: is taut and is characterized by the appearance of coarse texture and a tendency to wrinkle and dry this Kind of skin which is very sensitive to weather changes
0.2 skin fat: is thick glossy secretes a lot of fat and resists weather changes better and accent
Exhibition of grains and pimples
0.3 normal skin: it is smooth and elastic does not pose special problems



Factors affecting the skin:

The skin is exposed to several factors that make him lose his job and diseases of inflammation
Other. But with regard to cosmetic aspects, human matter that gets in the form of
Harmonic and taut with age.

The skin is exposed to:

First: Lift the skin:

When you lose weight very quickly, the components of flexibility in your skin lose not only layers of Fat but they also do not have a lot of time to their flexibility in adapting to the new format. Here afraid cells Collagen and keratin from her job here, the skin loses its flexibility and feature appears undesirable.

Second: The appearance of cellulite: cellulite starts in Appearing when scrambling and accumulate in the fat Textile and appear on the body and meanders Called orange crust and that disturbs more Women.

Thirdly: Water retention in the body: the body is exposed to a bulge or swelling, it is due to fluid retention in the body, and shows This is especially in the hands and arms, feet and legs. And fluid retention due to accumulation of fluid leaking when Fluid from the tiny blood vessels in the body, this leakage can result in damage or increased pressure in the capillaries

Skin treatment:

On humans resort to relevant experts to identify the problem that you are suffering and have dealt with topics The following.

First: in the case of fat-burning program must follow the fitness program to flatten the skin by devices The cardio and strength, according to custom program and the supervision of trained specialists, they aim To give your body strength and lean and lithe taut.


Second: follow the diet program through thoughtful report examining the components of the body tanitta and thus to maintain On your body shape and weight in order to avoid the increase in weight, which you are obliged to irreducible and result in the emergence of Cellulite and sagging skin.


Third: do programs and shaping, which depends on:
A French technology - ENDERMOLOGIE That helps to revitalize cells COLLAGENE And ELASTINE responsible for skin tightening and grants Human shape desired.


For water retention in the body, we program depends on two devices:

1. The first device that relies on a French technology "ENDERMOLOGIE" to help Removal of water depending on the vacuum.

2. In addition to the heat and vibration technology owned by VIBROSAUNA that helps to open the blood Vessels, which helps to remove the problem of sweating and water retention


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