Salt and Sodium

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Salt plays a role in high blood pressure , everyone including kids should reduce their sodium intake to less than 2,300mg a day ( about one 1 table spoon of salt) . Adults of 51 years of older , and individuals with high blood pressure , diabetes or kidney disease should further reduce their sodium content to 1,500mg a day .


Tip #1 : Think Fresh

Most of the sodium we eat is found in processed foods . Eat highly processed foods less often and small portions – especially cheesy foods , such as pizza , hotdogs , sausages , and ready to eat foods like soups . Fresh foods are generally lower in sodium

Tip #2: Enjoy home – prepared foods

Cook more often at home – where you are in control of what’s in your food. Preparing your own foods allows you to limit the amount of salt in them .

Tip #3 : Fill up on vegies and fruits – they are naturally low in sodium


Tip #4: Choose dairy and protein foods that are lower in sodium:

Choose more fat fee or low fat cheese milk and yogurt in place of cheese which is higher in sodium. Susages , canned products are high in sodium . Choose unsalted nuts and seeds . Choose unsalted cheese and dairy

Tip#5 : Adjust your taste buds

Cut back on salt little by little – and pay attention to natural tastes of various foods . Your taste for slat will lesson over time .

Tip # 6: Skip the salt

Skip adding the salt when cooking . Keep salt off the kitchen counter and the dinner table . Use spices , herbs , garlic , vinegar , lemon juice to season foods . Try black or red pepper , basil , curry , ginger or rosemary .


Tip #7 : Read the label

Read the nutrition facts label of foods . Look for foods labeled “ low sodium “ , “reduced sodium” , or “ no salt added “.


Tip #8 : Pay attention to condiment        

Foods like soy sauce , ketchup , pickles , olives , salad dressings are high in sodium . Choose low sodium soy sauce and ketchup

Tip #9 : Boost your potassium intake

Choose foods with potassium which may help lower your blood pressure . Potassium is found in vegetable and fruits such as potatoes , beet greens , tomato juice and sauce , sweet potaoes , beans ( white , lima , kidney ) and bananas . Other sources of potassium include yogurt , orange juice and milk .

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