5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Shrink Your Appetite

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It's not enough to count calories when you're trying to lose weight.

Your success depends on how fast your body burns those calories (your metabolism) and how satisfied they make you (your appetite).

 Here are five ways to make metabolism  and appetite your allies.

No. 1. Don't skip breakfast. You're busy in the morning.  It's tempting to save on those calories by skipping the first meal of the day. But if you don't "break the fast" after going without food all night, your body goes into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism. That means the next meal you eat will burn off more slowly.

No. 2. Start the day with protein. Eggs or egg whites are a good choice. Protein makes you feel full longer.

No. 3. Avoid high-fructose corn syrup. Not all sugars are alike. New research shows that fructose produces fewer of the hormones that tell the brain you're full.

No. 4. Eat beans. Beans contain "resistant starch," meaning the body has to work harder to get those calories. That means your metabolism revs up.

No. 5. Spice up your life. Studies show black pepper has a compound that prevents, and jalapeño peppers may help burn fat around the belly.

Aya Khatib

BSC Dietitian

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