IFSO 2014

Professor Michel Gagner – the sleeve surgery inventor- invited Dr. Hayssam Fawal (BSC Medical Board Director) and his Team to perform a Gastric sleeve surgery with live transmission from Makassed hospital in Beirut to IFSO2014 congress in Montreal Canada using the “Block Anesthesia technique-performing the surgery in awake patient- on August 26,2014.

(For more details: http://www.ifso2014.com/ )
N.B : BSC Team performed in Beirut the first Bariatric procedure in awake patient done under “Block Anesthesia” in the year 2010.

To watch to surgery details please click the following link (Real Video):


August 26,2014 : "Live transmission for a sleeve gastrectomy in awake patient (Block Anesthesia Technique )":

Successfully the BSC Team finished the live transmission for a sleeve gastrectomy in awake patient (Block Anesthesia Technique ) from Beirut/Lebanon to Montreal/Canada...... Tough case. Great team.

Many thanks to all personnel at M.G.H who supported this event:
- The chief of Makassed Association Mr. Amin Daouk.
- The Hospital Director Mr.Ghaziri.
- The chief of staff Dr. Mogharbel.
- The chair department of surgery Dr. Oweidat.
- Our anesthetists Dr. Naja and Dr. Kanawati (their assistant Lamo Mneimneh).
- My residents: Bob, Ali and Diaa.
- My nurses: Ahmad, Ziad and Malek.
- Operating room chief: Mr. Itani.
- The IT department and their chief Mr. Ziad.
- The biomedical engineering and their chief Mr. Bakhach.

Great thanks also for "Auto suture" and "Lemke" personnel and company.

Many Thanks to Mrs. Iman Abi Nakad who help us in transmitting this event to the media.

We wouldn't forget of course our young brave lady Miss N.A.

Thanks for you all.

You made it a successful event...

BSC Team



August 28,2014 : "Presentation ":

Next day Dr. Fawal travelled to Montreal , Canada to present a lecture about "Sleeve Gastrectomy under regional anesthesia" :

 Schedule IFSO2014


Finally, a nice meeting with Dr. Michel Gagner "the father of Gastric Sleeve Surgery":

Michel Gagner